A place marked in the laps of mountains has a lot to gift you in the form of beautiful memories and everlasting experiences. Over the years Shimla has been crafted as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. The hill station has a lot to offer and when it comes to planning vacations, it becomes quite difficult as there are many places one could cherish. Well, this blog will help you to plan your vacation.

1. Jakhoo Temple

If you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman then this a mandatory place to visit. The place has a 108ft high Lord Hanuman statue but more exciting is the story behind it. When the furious battle of Ramayan was being fought, Lakshman was hit by a deadly arrow from the bow of Meghnath, and then the eternal devotee of Lord Rama took the initiative to protect Lakshman and flew to fetch Sanjeevni Booti but by the enchanting beauty of the valley and the herbs get confused for the right one. So, he took the entire mountain with him. And rested at a place and its Jakhoo Temple and this accounts for the flattened shape of the hill. The place is considered to be sacred and has imprints of the Lord’s feet. It's just 7 km away from the railway station.

2. Baba Bhalku Rail Museum

The museum was inaugurated on 7th July 2011 is a tribute to the man who guided the railway line. Bhalku was labor who worked on the railway line but he was not just normal labor. Whenever there was a problem with the track engineers used to get advice from Bhalku. He had some supernatural powers that allowed him to a complicated task very easily even the English men used to appreciate his art. The railways' lines in Shimla are building on the way guided by Bhalku.
The museum has cautiously preserved lost and found register and boxes. The old English clocks, cutlery, and train parts from the early 20th century. Moreover, one could easily find wine glasses and vases on the display. So, if you like to live in the past then this place is just 1 km away from Shimla Railway Station and a couple of hundred meters from Old Bus Station.

3. Chadwick Falls

Have you ever thought that just a walk of 8 - 10 minutes can lead you to a place with overwhelming beauty that can be credited with the thick vegetation and a waterfall that is top of the charts on best tourist attractions? Well, Chadwick Falls is the right site for you. The waterfall is 1586 meters above sea level. The water falling from a height of 86 meters is a must-visit during summers. It imparts a relaxing feel with a tinge of nature's smell.

4. The Ridge of Shimla

It's one of the prime locations of the city. It's the venue for most of the functions, fairs, and celebrations. Just 6 km away from the bus stand can make your day if you visit it during summers as there is the most famous Summer festival.

5. Himalayan Bird Park

If you are a bird lover then you have to consider visiting this place which may surely seem like heaven to you. It's just 2 km away from the city's bus stand. There you would be touched by the overwhelming beauty of the diverse flora and fauna. The park has many birds including some endangered species. This place is one of the most visited places and just takes an hour of your time. So, do put it in your list.

6. Johnnies Wax museum

If you have visited Shimla and haven't been here then you have surely missed out on something really special and amazing. Have you ever thought what a selfie with Mahatma Gandhi would be like or a photo with the Iron Man? At this museum as its name explains the exhibits it holds. It charges a maintenance fee of 250 per person and the entry of children below 5 years is totally free. It's a unique and amazing experience. It's just 1.8 km away from Shimla Old Bus stand.

7. Kufri

It is the place which slips of people's tongue when it comes to best places to visit in Shimla but it's a bit far from the Old bus stand. At a distance of 19 km is a place that attracts thousands of visitors starving for nature's beauty. If you are an adventure lover then you will love to try hiking and skiing here.

8. Kiala Forest

Do you prefer exploring places on foot???? Well, this place is meant for you. Even if you are a tourist with loads of luggage then you could use the locker facility available. Just a Smartphone in your pocket and a great photograph waits for you into the woods.

9. Christ Church

Well, Shimla is famous for most of the attractions sites and it's always been on the top ten lists. When you will be standing right in front of Christ Church you will be looking at the architectural masterpiece built in the British era. The simple yet eye-catching design was built aiming to spread the preaching of Christianity.

9. Green Valley

Have you been working the entire week and are following a burning out schedule? Then just visit 8 km from Shimla Railway station to be green. This is a must-visit place to recharge yourself and fill with the enchanting beauty of the green humongous mountains. This place is an ideal location for photography and this place can contribute to your next thousand likes on social media!!!!

10. Chail

A journey of 45 km can lead to your next desired place. As you all know it's famous as the world's highest cricket stadium which was built in 1893 and is at 2444 mt above the sea level. There is Chail Wildlife Sanctuary where one could spot marvelous birds with attractive feathers. Then there is little adventure stuff like trekking and camping for breath-taking experiences.

11. Viceregal Lodge

There is one more astonishing architectural monument from the British Era which was built for Lord Dufferin. It's also called as Rashtrapati Niwas. The built is majestic as it was supposed to be resident for the Viceroy of India. Now the lodge is just an exhibit of royalty. If you want to pay a visit to the lodge then it's just 3 km away from Shimla Old bus stand.

12. The Toy Train Ride

This is going to be one of the best adventures of your life. The trains travel with a speed of 25-30 km/h and pass through 102 tunnels, around 870 bridges and more than 20 stations on its way. The ride will bless you with nature’s beauty. The ticket costs 500/person and one should book it one month prior to the ride via IRCTC the concerned station are Kalka (KLK) and Shimla (SML).

13. The Mall road

The most famous road in Shimla and it's the most important one too. The Mall road connects most of the places mentioned in this blog and it's a big hub for people who want to get in touch with the culture at the market.

14. Kali Bari Temple

The Kali Bari Temple is one of the most famous tourist and devotees attractions in Shimla. The temple is a Kali dedicated temple and she is also called Shyamala. The temple is situated in Jakhu Hill. It is a must-visit for all the devotees as the journey becomes more prosperous after the blessing of the goddess. Moreover, one would fall in love with the green lush environment.

15. Lakkar Bazaar

Life is all about creating memories and if you want to seal your trip to Shimla then you must purchase wooden artifacts as souvenirs. Lakkar Bazaar is famous for its wooden things decorative items. After the trip is over and when you will look at the souvenir everything will flashback and you will relive the beautiful moments again.

16. St. Michael's Cathedral Catholic Church

The holy place is close to the Old Shimla Bus Station and just below the District Court. It dates back to the Victorian Era, 1886. It was the first Roman Catholic Church built in the hill station. The Church is beautifully built and designed which is the reason for the visitors attracted by the Church.

17. Naldehra

Just a drive of 23 km from Shimla and you will be away from hustling and crowd into a small town. Naldehra is everything that Shimla is not – serene, green, and ever so fascinating. One would get amazed by looking at the everlasting green golf course. It's not just about the terrain but nature's peaceful voices that make your soul joyful.

18. Tattapani

It's 52km from Shimla and just 29km from Naldehra but you won’t regret the extra mile because this place is one of the most famous tourist attractions sites. This place has vivid features to feed your explorer ego. Tattapani got hot water springs, river rafting, boating and much more. Trekking is one of the most famous adventure sports activities. The roads which are more likely to be trekking paths will take you on a beautiful journey and through that journey, you would surely witness the cherish-able sceneries.

19. SkyJumper Trampoline Park Shimla

A crazy weekend can go crazier if your kids step into this place. This place has tones of crazy jumping activities with trampoline, free jump, basketball, wall walk, and dash car. The place is a complete family pack where adults could rest at the lounge cafe while their kids jump around. The cost of tickets is based on the amount of time you want to spend.

20. The Scandal Point, Ridge

It's the meeting of the mall road and the Ridge. So, if you have any plans on visiting either of them then do check the place out. There is a church which you can surely visit. One of the most important things is to breathe while walking through the ways. The fresh air will make everything worth it.

21. Rothney Castle

At a distance of 15 km, away from Shimla's old bus stand the castle flourishes amidst the greenery. The chirping birds welcome you as you step up the steep slopes of Jakhu Hill. This place was once the home of the famous British officer Allan Octavian Hume. He was the founder of Indian National Congress and is credited to be the father of Ornithology. The castle is not alone the attraction but the wild berries and blooming beautiful flower put a feather on the hat.

22. Shoghi

At a short drive of 15 km from Shimla, you will reach a small suburb, Shoghi. It is a place which is famous as a landmark for numerous temples. It's a perfect place for a spiritual break. The place not only holds spiritual value but its also famous for its camping sites and trekking. If you love to buy indigenous products then you will be delighted by purchasing pickles and jams which are locally home prepared.

23. Himachal State Museum

The city museum is a couple of kilometers far away from the Old Shimla Bus Station. The building has been a resident of British officials but after independence, it was a residence of Government Officials. On 26 January 1974, it was transformed into a museum with an aim to preserve the heritage of Himachal Pradesh. There are lots of Pahari and Rajasthani miniature paintings. Moreover, the Mughal paintings have been put on display as well. The museum also hosts a library with more than 10000 books, journals, and magazines. When you step into the museum it will take you to the pre-Independence era and you will be exploring historical stuff.

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