Auli Hill Station Uttarakhand Travel guide

With stunning landscape and topography, this place is heaven for adventure and nature lovers. This place is quite popular as a Ski destination and recently hosted the National Winter Games. Yes, you get it right. I’m talking about Auli. Auli is a remote destination of Uttarakhand. Very few people have heard about it. That’s why Auli is considered a pristine destination and an excellent choice to escape your fast-paced city life. For the last 3-4 years, Auli is in the trending destination of Uttarakhand. Auli is a popular ski resort in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The sheer beauty of Auli is divine & enthralls the tourists with scenic beauty. Auli is endowed with beautiful mountains, verdant rich Coniferous, Oak forests with the sight of glorious mountain peaks as Durnagiri, Mt Nanda Devi, Mana Parwat, Dunagiri, Kamet, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat, etc. Snow skiing is the main tourist attraction at Auli. The ride on beautiful scenic trails is a great experience for all skiers. Apart from Skiing, this place has lots of interesting things to experience.

Auli Uttarakhand

Different Experiences of Auli

Auli has so much to explore. Around the breathtaking views, sipping a cup of tea with your partner is always a great experience. Isn’t it? So don’t miss out, these fabulous chances while you’re touring this wonderful hamlet. Whenever you have free time just grab the chance, which helps you to create some lifetime memories! These are the things you can try on your trip-

  • Stunning view of Himalayan mountains:

    Natural vistas, panoramic views of Himalayan peaks, lush wooded vegetation, and green pastures give Auli a colorful look. Auli offers a pristine view of various snow peaks & mountains like Nanda Devi Peak, Kamet Parvat, Chaukhamba peak, Trishul peak, Hathi Parbat, etc enlighten you and fill with joy & excitement.
  • Highest artificial lake:

    Auli has the world's highest man-made lake. This artificial lake is in the middle of the slopes of the mountain. This beautiful lake is surrounded by colorful flowers that enhance the beauty of this lake. The reason for creating this lake was to produce snow for skiing/winter games during less snowfall but this lake is adding a lot to the beauty of Auli.
  • Skiing in Winters:

    Auli is one of the best skiing destinations in India. Every year a Winter sports and skiing championship is organized here which attracts lots of tourists not only from India but all over the world. After the first snowfall of winter in December skiing start here. If you know how to ski then it is well and good but if you don’t then there you can enroll in a 1 to 2 week paid course which is organized by GMVN. This snowy excitement goes on all the way till March. The Ski resort provides skiers with the necessary equipment and all facilities. Facilities of the chair lift and a ski lift are also available for skiers with the objective of conserving their time and labor.
Auli Uttarakhand
  • Asia’s second-highest and longest ropeway:

    Auli ropeway is one of the major attractions in Auli which offers a splendid view of great mountains. It is the second-highest and longest ropeway after the Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car of Gangtok in Asia with a total of 4 km distance. The ropeway is a board from both Joshimath and Auli. The fair is approx 500-1000 per person for a round trip. The chair lift is also available which only moves from Auli to Ski-resort and vice-versa at 300per-person.
  • Trekking:

    Now come to my personal favorite part which is, trekking. If you love hiking and trekking then this is for you. There are many trekking options around Auli where you can see the different colors of nature, meadows, and feel the exhilarating freshness that gives you an enchanting experience during your trek. In winters these treks are covered with white snow but in summer the white sheet turns into green meadows. The options for trekking in Auli are Gursobugyal, Chattrakund lake, etc.
  • Camping:

    Who doesn’t like to spend the night under the millions of stars? Are you? Maybe not. Camping is the most popular activity in the world. It will be a great thrilling experience where you can see the millions of twinkling stars, sitting around the bonfire, chatting with friends. This is a great feeling altogether but make sure you’re well-equipped to face the temperatures which can drop to 20 to -5 degrees.
Auli Uttarakhand

How to go to Auli Uttarakhand

  • By Road:

    Auli is 15 km from Joshimath which is connected with NH-58 from Delhi to Badrinath. Follow the route till Joshimath and then take public transport, cab or take a ropeway to Auli. (Book taxi for your upcoming Auli Trip - Auli Taxi Service)
  • By Rail:

    Rishikesh is the nearest rail junction to Auli (which takes 5-6 hrs) and then you can take public transport to Joshimath or you can book a taxi directly to Auli.
  • By Air:

    Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport. Everyday minimum of 3 flights flies from Delhi to Dehradun. After reaching Dehradun, you can take a taxi directly to Auli which is at a distance of approx 280 km.
Auli Uttarakhand

Best time to Visit

Auli is a famous hill station and Ski destination in India that’s why this place remains packed throughout the year. Auli can be visited throughout the year, however, if you want to experience snow-skiing then, January and February is the best time for this.

  • Winters:

    From November, December to February, Auli’s weather remains colder as compared to the rest of the year. Even the temperature can also go to a sub-zero degree. So better to carry warm clothes that keep you warm on bone-chilling nights.
  • Summers:

    Auli is the best resort in summer From April to May & June to get relief from the intense heat waves. Auli weather remains pleasant and sometimes dropped down to 5-6 degrees Celsius. The snow-covered mountains turn to green meadows that offers a picturesque view of the surrounding.
  • Monsoon:

    Visiting Auli in Monsoon can be tricky, but along with Valley of Flower National Park Uttarakhand, it can be done.
Auli Uttarakhand

Accommodation in Auli

This place is not commercialized yet that’s why very few staying options are available here. Cliff Top, GMVN Auli Tourist Bungalow, Auli resort, Blue Poppy, Manik Resort are some best-staying options for a comfortable and relaxing stay near Ski Resort. But, because of less accommodation and high tourist demand for this place, the price of staying is quite higher than in other places of Uttarakhand. And it is always advised that book your accommodation in Auli before departure because sometimes the hotels are packed with tourists and may be possible that you didn’t get any accommodation. If you love to stay in cottages then BlackBerry Cottages is the best place to stay in Auli. [Hotels in Joshimath | Hotels in Auli ]

Auli Uttarakhand

How to Plan a trip to Auli?

Planning a trip is always important because one single mistake can ruin your whole trip. So make sure all of your plans are full proof and if any problem occurs during execution then you should have the proper backup plan in such a scenario. The first main part is to fix your traveling dates and days. The second main part is your budget.

  • Day 1:

    You can take a bus or train from Delhi to Haridwar. If you are coming by bus then it takes approx 5 to 6 hrs and by train, it takes 4 to 5 hrs to reach Haridwar. After reaching Haridwar you can take a public bus or shared taxi directly towards the Joshimath which takes 9 to 10 hrs. Try to reach Haridwar early morning because if you reach Haridwar early then there is a chance to get a direct bus to Joshimath and you’ll reach Joshimath in the evening. Stay in Joshimath and enjoy the beautiful evening.
  • Day 2 & 3:

    The next day by taxi or cable car, you can reach Auli ski resort which takes 30 or fewer min. Here you can indulge in several activities according to your interest like skiing, tracking, etc. If you have enough time to explore Auli then it is better to stay in Auli. Auli is expensive than Joshimath so make sure it will fit in your budget.
  • Day 4:

    The next day wakes up early and gets the bus from Joshimath to Rishikesh. After 9-10 hrs you can reach Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, you can easily get a bus to Delhi. (Auli related packages)
Auli Uttarakhand

Places of attraction near Auli

If you are in Auli then you can also visit these destinations of surroundings

  • Narsingh Temple Joshimath:

    Joshimath is a common halt for all the places like Auli, Badrinath, Valley of Flower, Hemkund Sahib. Narsingh Temple is a popular temple in the Joshimath which is at walking distance from the Joshimath bus stand. It is famous for its architecture and some prophecy.
  • Valley of Flower:

    I don’t think Valley of flowers national parks need any introduction. To go Valley of flowers you have to reach Govindghat which is 20 away from Joshimath. After that, you have to trek to 14 to Ghangaria and then 4km to Valley of Flower. If you want to know the complete information about the Valley of Flowers then follow this link. Complete Guide to Valley of Flower National Park
  • Badrinath:

    Badrinath is one most important shrines among the Char Dham Pilgrimage sites & also highly revered among the PanchBadri. It is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is 45 km away from the Joshimath which is easily accessible in just 2hr. Click to know more about Badrinath Tourism
  • Mana Village:

    It is located 03 km ahead of Badrinath temple & the last village at Indo-China Border. Mana village is on the bank of the river Saraswati. It is famous for woolen garments made for sheep wool as shawls, pankhi&, etc. The place has religious importance also; it is believed that Pandavas went to heaven from this village only.
  • Trek to GursoBugyal:

    GursoBugyal is the place for trekking enthusiastic which is just 3 km away from the Auli. Tourists came here in daylight spends some quality time and back to Auli in the evening because of no proper staying option. Basically, bugyal means “Meadows” or “pasture”. This large land of green pastures is surrounded by coniferous forest and oak trees are soothing to the eyes. There is also a small sweet water lake known as Chattrakund in the mid of the dense forest which is at a distance of 1km from the GursoBugyal. View Gurson Bugyal Package
Auli Uttarakhand

Is Auli safe for Solo girl/ lady travelers?

Over the last few years, the number of female solo travelers is increasing, which is a good sign for our society and women's equality. So it is necessary to know whether Auli is safe for females or not? As compared to other parts of India, Uttarakhand is quite safer in terms of females/girls/women safety. People of the hills are innocent, helpful, and supportive. But you can not judge everyone on the same scale. In society, good & bad, both types of people exist. So it is on you, how you can identify, who is trustworthy and who is not? Here are a few tips that help female travelers in their solo trips -

  • On hills, the sunsets early which is the most favorable time for the jungle predators. So try to get back to your accommodation before sunset and avoid night traveling.
  • Save some emergency numbers on the speed dial in your phone. Also save the contact of those who are nearby to you, or who can be available for you easily in case of emergency; like your guide, hotel owner or receptionist, driver, nearby friends, etc.
  • Do not trust anyone easily. I'm not saying don’t make friends, or don’t interact with new people. But what I’m trying to say is know the limits, make a fine balance, don’t be over-friendly to anyone, and don’t share your information in just 5 min talk.
  • Always trust your instinct. If you feel odd or negative about a place or any person, then follow your senses and act accordingly.
  • In Uttarakhand, different languages are spoken in different regions, but almost 100% of people here, understand Hindi. So if you are coming from a non-Hindi-speaking region, then learn some local emergency phrases, which you can use when you need help.
  • Keep sharing your day-to-day programs, your forward plans, to your family members, your friends, your spouse. Keep updating them, because it will let them know where you are, and in case of emergency, they will be able to tell where you can be.
  • Don’t look scared, nervous, or act like you are new to this place. Look confident and portray like you are a pro player in this traveling field. Like straight trees always cut first, similarly nervous, unconfident, scared persons are easy targets to thieves and criminals.
  • Don’t keep all your money in a single place. Make a partition, one part in your wallet, one part in your pocket, and another part in your hotel (accommodation) room.
  • Always be in alert mode, observe, notice, and be aware of everything happening around you.
  • Must carry pepper spray, pointed objects like pen, pencil, a bunch of keys, hairpins, etc to deal with any worst situation.
  • Google maps are not very reliable, especially in high mountains. So 100% relying on Google Maps is quite risky, so keep cross-checking the way with the locals before proceeding. Also, you can download the offline map, which is more reliable and secure.
  • As I said earlier, I am confident that you will not face issues related to women's safety in Auli or any part of Uttarakhand. But if you follow all the precautionary measures, then you will easily deal with the remaining 0.1% probability.

Auli Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is it good to visit Auli in December?

In Winters, the temperature came down below freezing point, the slopes are carpeted with snow. So if you love to play with snow or want to celebrate Christmas & New Year Eve here, then December is the perfect time to visit.

2. How many days are sufficient to visit Auli?

Well, it totally depends on you. Some tourists only want a relaxing stay, while other tourists want some adventure. So if you want a relaxing stay without trying extra activities then 2 days are enough, but if you want to explore more and want to do skiing, trekking, then you should have at least 3-4 days.

3. Is it good to visit Auli in May?

Visiting Auli in May is good for escaping from the hot-sultry cities. From May-August Auli offers a cool & pleasant climate, which is absolutely perfect time to spend the relaxing moments outdoors in Auli. The greenish environments enthralled you to explore & adventure. But if you are expecting snowfall in May, that would not be possible.

4. Is there any ATM facility in Auli?

No, there is no ATM facility in Auli. The nearest ATM is in Joshimath, which is approx 15 km from Auli. It is always advised to carry enough cash into the hills.

5. From where I get the skiing gear in Auli?

GMVN provides a 7 to 14 day skiing training course in which they offer all skiing gear & equipment, but if you don’t want to enroll in this course then there are few local vendors and also online stores who provide skiing gears for Auli.

6. Which is the best time to see snowfall in Auli?

December to February is the best time to see snowfall in Auli and is also the best time for skiing. Because December to February is the peak season, so it is advised to pre book your hotels or resorts before the departure.

7. How can I go to Auli from Delhi?

From Delhi you can take either bus or train to Risihikesh. You can also take flight to Dehradun if you want to save your time, but it is quite expensive. So once you reach the Rishikesh/Haridwar you can hire a car till Joshimath or you can take any public transport. For Joshimath, shared taxis & GMOU public buses are available only in the morning, which you can book till Joshimath. This would take approx 9-10 hours. Once you reach Joshimath, you can take a taxi which would charge approx 500 to 600 to Auli.

8. What is famous in Auli?

Winter Sports, skiing, Asia’s highest cable ride, world's highest artificial lake and enchanting view of Himalayan peaks are quite popular things which tempts tourists towards Auli.

9. What is the best time to visit Auli?

November to March is the best time to visit Auli. This is the time when the whole landscape covers under the white snow, which is good for skiers & people who love to play with snow. Besides this you can come to Auli in May-June at summer vacation time.

10. Can we reach Auli by car?

Yes, you can visit Auli by your own car but try to avoid it in the monsoon season because it increases the chances of landslides. I would also advise you to drive only when you have good driving experience on Uttarakhand hilly roads.

11. What are the places near Auli?

Narsingh Temple, Valley of Flower, Badrinath, Mana Village, GursoBugyal Trek, Chattra Kund Lake etc are some nearby places of Auli.

12. What is the local food in Auli?

Chainsoo, Bhatt ki Churkani, Kandali Saag, Jhangora ki Kheer, are some of the famous Garhwali cuisine which you can taste at local food stalls or in any homestay in Auli.

13. What are the things to do in Auli?

In Auli you can go for trekking (to Gurso Bugyal or Kuari Pass trek), skiing, artificial lake visit, cable car/chair lift ride etc are some of the activities which you can try. In Spite of this you can also try night camping under the star lights which really would be a great and unique experience.

14. What is the best way to reach Auli?

If you are visiting Auli, you most probably will be reaching from Delhi or Dehradun. The best way to reach Auli is to take a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh. This is an overnight journey. From Rishikesh, either you can take a private cab direct to Auli (10 hours) or a shared taxi/bus till Joshimath (9 hours). From Joshimath hire a taxi or can take a cable car (it can’t operats after 5 pm) till Auli.

15. Is it safe to visit Auli?

Yes, Auli is safe for both solo travellers and female travellers. People of hilly areas are quite humble, cooperative, helpful and guide you in the right direction if you are in any problem. Correct planning & proper execution will ensure the best & lifetime cherishing trip for travelers/tourists.

16. Where to stay in Auli?

There are very few staying options available in Auli. Cliff Top, GMVN Auli Tourist Bungalow, Blue Poppy, Auli resort, Manik Resort are some best & comfortable staying options near Ski Resort. Because of high tourist demands the rates of accommodation is quite higher than the other places, so if your budget is low it’s better to take an affordable stay in Joshimath or choose camps in Auli. And it is also advised pre book your accommodation before departure because it’s not easy to get availability during peak seasons.

17. What are the charges of cable car ride in Auli?

The charges of ropeway updates every year, but it generally varies from 700-800 rupees/pp (round trip) from Joshimath to Auli & if you want to take chair lift ride then its charges would be around 200-400 which runs from GMVN resort to Ski resort.

18. What is the operating time of cable cars?

It operaprats from morning 9 AM to 4 PM in evening.

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