Responsible Tourism

Tourism is the fastest-growing sector in the World, in which every year millions of people travel from one place to another. This trillion-dollar economy contains 10% global GDP which is pretty huge huh! Several nations are totally dependent on Tourism where it provides large number of employment directly and indirectly. But seeing its positive impact we can’t neglect its negative side. The overcrowded tourist spots, pollution of water, deforestation, degradation of land, overexploitation of nature etc are some negative impacts of Tourism which we should be concerned about.
Not because of our association with the travel organization but also as responsible people, we should do something for the improvement of the local communities & our ecosystem. It is our responsibility that the more beautiful places we can see today, the more beautiful places our future generations can see. So keeping these things in mind we are trying to make better places for people to live in, and better places for people to visit.To promote Responsible tourism here are things which we are trying to make it better for all


To our customers, we provide the authentic experience of Uttarakhand village & towns, which not only offers the authentic holiday experiences but also gives the chance to observe the lifestyle, culture, tradition, the way of living of the locals closely. Living like a local will open a doorway to connect with locals where you can interact with them, share real-life experience, and be able to know many interesting untold stories.


In community participation, our approach is the empowerment of the local communities, involving them in decision & planning making. We make them aware of the power of community participation, helping in learning new skills, new languages, understanding the importance of their culture, cooking, handicrafts, etc. By learning new skills locals will understand how to turn the skill into capital and this capital motivates them to participate in the community conferences which produces the opportunity for tourism development in the region.


We support the local entrepreneurs like a homestay owner, restaurant owners, drivers, guides, porters, by providing them a platform where they can register themselves. We made a separate portal for guides & homestay & hotels owners, where they can register themselves without paying a single penny. Once we get the details, we try to incorporate those homestays, hotels, and guides(if necessary) in the experience packages which provide them business. By this step, locals will get ample of self-employment and job opportunities at their native places and they will not move to the urban areas to get employment & livelihood. As the tourists visit these places, they will spend some money on tourism-related activities and the community will gain economic benefits which motivate them to do more tourism-related things.


We will encourage visitors to respect the traditions and beliefs of their host villagers and to participate in local activities where possible. The areas in which we function have a rich diversified culture that tempts the outsiders. We encourage tourists to participate in local activities where possible and also to respect their traditions and beliefs. We also support these traditional dances, music by including their performances into our guest activities whenever possible and also praise & recognize them to sustain their skills.


We provide environmental awareness to the villagers, communities by telling them the importance, benefits, and impacts in our lives. We educate them about how they unintentionally harm nature, how they can recycle the waste, how they can use sunlight as a source of power, how they can do water management, etc. We also reassure that tourists will not harm nature & wildlife both deliberately and accidentally. We tell them that - “in travelling, those things you can’t reuse it, refuse it”.

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