Deoria Tal: Uttarakhand

Have you ever thought about how’s the place looks like where the god usually comes? I know many nodding their heads right now to say no. To know about that place you just have to give your few minutes.

Uttrakhand the northern part of India, which is also known as the Land of God or Devbhoomi. After hearing the word Uttrakhand the things that come in mind are the lush green hills, snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lake beautiful silent valleys, spirituality, temples, rituals, beautiful rich culture, humble and cooperative people and many more. It is also the birthplace of our two holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Uttrakhand is also the home for the thousand and million of monks and saints who came here in the search of salvation. There are many places on earth that have claimed the title of being “heaven on earth”, but for me the real heaven which I see that only exists in Uttrakhand. There are 100 and 1000 majestic and beautiful places in Uttrakhand and one of them is Deoria Tal.

Deoriya Tal-sari village-Ukhimath

Deoria Tal is the most vibrant and delightful place in the district of Rudraprayag. It is a lake that is known for his panoramic view of the beautiful Chaukhamba peak. This peak is so close and clear from this place that it seems like you can touch it. Devariyatal lake gives the spectacular reflection of the mighty Chaukhamba Peak in clear lake water. This beautiful lake at an altitude of 2438m. It is ideal for spot angling and bird watching but before goes for fishing you just had to take permission from DFO Gopeshwar.

The myth related to this place are: it is believed that Devs or God used to bath in this majestic lake, that’s why it gets his name. This lake also believed to be the Indra Sarovar as written in the Purans and also believed that this lake was the place where the Pandava’s brother asked the queries from Yaksha. Deoria Tal is 14 km from Ukhimath, and it is approx 200 to 203 km far away from Haridwar. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, which is 40 km from Haridwar. Ukhimath is also known as the home of Lord Kedarnath and Madhyameshwar during winters.

Our Journey started from Haridwar, our bags were packed and we were excited to move but it seems that nature was also in a good mood because the rain started outside. In spite of this, we moved to our destination without thinking that how dangerous it would be to travel in the mountains on a rainy day. Several milestones came in our journey like Rishikesh, Srinagar, Devprayag, Rudraprayag… And at last, we finally reach Ukhimath. After that, we moved towards the sari village which would be our base camp. The road was motorable up to Sari. The Distance between Ukhimath & Sari is 14 km and then 2km easy trek to Deoriyatal from Sari and there is another trekking route from Ukhimath to Deoriyatal which was 8km of the steep climb. We select the easy one and after half an hour we were in the Sari village.

Deoriya Tal: the beautiful creation of God-chaukhamba peak-Uttrakhand

Sari is a beautiful quite small village in the mid-dense forest. It is 68km far away from Chopta. We paused the journey for that day and we decide to take any homestay in this village. The importance of this village is that it is also the base camp for trek to Tungnath temple and Chopta as well, Chopta is also accessible from Sari by road. Sari village had beautiful apple and peach orchids in the village. Farming and Tourism is the main source of income of the local villagers. The village has densely filled jungles, rich local culture, friendly gentle, humble people, and a beautiful environment and atmosphere. The village is located in the dense forest of Oak and Rhododendron trees. The scene was so amazing when the trees were loaded with beautiful flowers. These flowers fill the real color in this small village and give a new life to the village. The night was also more attractive as compared to today. In night, the sky covered with millions of stars.

The next day, we wake up early and move towards the Deoriyatal, and approx 1 hr we reached Deoriyatal. The scene was so beautiful that it can't be defined in words. The lake was at top of the hill. It has heavily lush green surrounding, with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. The Chaukhambha peak was clearly visible but Nilkanth, Bandarpoonch, Kedar Range, and Kalang also visible from that place. We just stand quiet and watching this Unique and beautiful artwork of nature for the upcoming several minutes. We just only want to capture the whole scene into our eyes because we don’t know when we get another chance to see this beauty again. We had 2-3 best cameras to capture the beauty of this place but these cameras can’t capture the aroma that mixed in the air, they can’t capture the silence, the peace, the chirpings of birds, that breeze that flowing.

Deoriatal is such a majestic place that hypnotized us by its beauty. By seeing the beauty of this place, I’m completely sure and I can say that: "This is the place which God created with his own hands…”

Written by: Karan Singh Bisht