Jim Corbett National Park


Corbett National park was established in 1936 by the name Hailey National Park & it was renamed in 1956 after the name of Jim Corbett – who was conservationist & author, who had played a key role in the establishment of the Park. Corbett has the glory of being India's oldest and most prestigious National Park. Corbett National park is one of tiger reserve with the aim to protect the Bengal Tiger from extinction & also to boost the diversity of the ecosystem to ensure a viable population of tigers. This place has natural uniqueness, diverse wildlife, stunning landscape & rich grassland. Corbett is home to a variety of flora and fauna; it houses more than 586 species of resident and migratory birds & varied wildlife including royal Bengal tiger, elephant and four to five species of deer.

Popular zones at Corbett:-

  • Dhikala Zone: The park is enriched with natural beauty & the houses variety of wildlife species like tigers, elephants, hog deer, chitals, reptiles and many grassland birds. Dhikala is one of the largest in the park & chances of the sighting of tigers, elephants, hog deer, chitals, reptiles and many grassland birds are very high. Dhikala zone remains open from 15th November to 15th June every year.

  • Jhirna Zone: Jhirna zone remains open for tourists around the year. It provides some of the exciting experience of the wildlife Safari. Jhirna zone is popular for wild bear sighting & bird watching. Tourists need to take permission from the Directorate of Jim Corbett National Park to enter the Jhirna zone. Morning safaris can be booked 6 days prior to the safari date with full details and documents.

  • Bijrani Zone:  The place host array of flora and fauna which provides a very mesmerizing view of the tourist. The possibility of tiger sighting along with other mammals include elephants, chitals, deer, monkeys, and many others are good in Bijrani zone. Elephant safari in Bijrani is popular for bird watching. Reptiles like the cobra, krait reside on the shrubs and grasslands. The grasslands are home to many grassland birds and the dense forest and shrubs house numerous birds. Tourists need to take prior permission from the Directorate of Jim Corbett National Park before entering the Bijrani zone. The permission depends on first come first basis. Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are the attractions of this zone. Both Jeep and Elephant Safari booking can be done in advance for which complete details is required with photo id and documents.

  • Durga Devi Zone: Durga Devi zone provides the best opportunities to witness varied species of fishes. Elephant safari is the main highlight of this zone it provides ample possibility for bird watching & tiger sighting. Booking for a Jeep safari and elephant safari at Durga Devi zone can be done in advance. Permission needs to be taken from the directorate of Jim Corbett National Park to enter the Durga Devi zone. Durga Devi zone remains open from 15th October to 30th June every year.

  • North Zone (Sonanadi): Sonanadi is blessed with the amazing beauty of flora & Fauna. This zone is a favorite place for Asiatic Elephant, Tiger & Cheetal, Smabhar, leopard & reptiles. Safari in this zone can be done in advance. Permission needs to be taken from the directorate of Jim Corbett National Park to enter. The zone remains open from 15th October to 15 June.

Activities & Places to see at Corbett:-

  • Jungle Safari: Enjoy the jungle safari, it is the best option to explore the surrounding & spot various wild animals like Elephants, Deers, Gharials, Crocodiles, and Tigers.
  • Elephant Ride: Elephant rides can be at Dhikala and Bijrani zones during the morning and evening shift. Elephant ride is not only in itself an exciting experience but also offer good chances for wildlife life sighting. Elephant ride booking is done strictly on 'First Come, First Get' basis.
  • Watchtowers and Machans: There are watchtowers at Dhikala, Bijrani and Jhirna zones, and several machans near Dhikala, Bijrani and Kothari to facilitate the sighting of the wildlife.
  • Corbett Museum: Corbett Museum is located at Kaladhungi, some 30 km from Ramnagar on the way to Nainital. Corbett Museum has been set up in the heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett. This magnificent museum revives past memories and tells us many things about the life of Jim Corbett.
  • Bird watching: Corbett tiger reserve is a haven for bird watchers since it is one of the richest bird regions of India and the world. It embraces more than 550 species of birds which makes its best place for enthusiastic Bird Watchers. The place beholds a variety of bird's species like Collared Falconet, Great Hornbill, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, Lineated Barbet, Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, Red-headed Vulture, Racket-tailed Drongo, and Broadbill.

How to reach Corbett:-

By Train – The closest railway station to Corbett National Park is Ramnagar, which is 12 km from the Park.

By Flight – The closest domestic airport to Corbett National Park is Pantnagar which is 50 km away from Corbett National Park.


Delhi Corbett 250 km (approx)
Bareilly Corbett 180 km (approx)
Chandigarh Corbett 390 km (approx)
Lucknow Corbett 420 km (approx)
Jaipur Corbett 500 km (approx)

Best Time to Visit

Jan - Dec.
Wildlife enthusiast is recommended to travel during summer from Mar till May as this period is perfect for animal sighting. During winters from November till February, misty surrounding with pleasant afternoon makes it a good time for enjoying the safari. The region experiences a good amount of rainfall during monsoon & the place reawaken with lush green landscape & wooded forest which makes it an ideal retreat for everyone.

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